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Michigan Lighthouse Ministries is partnering with pastors, to educate, encourage, and mobilize their congregations to stand up, speak up, and show up. Our Founders understood this and were involved in promoting the Christian faith in all three of God’s ordained institutions.




Founder Ralph Rebandt was a candidate for Michigan Governor in the 2022 primary election.  That platform provided him with a unique perspective on the election process and numerous opportunities to engage with the Michigan electorate and Michigan churches.


During the campaign he was known for highlighting America’s Christian heritage and bringing that discussion back into the public conversation. It has been stated that Michigan politics will never be the same because of his bold leadership to restore our Judeo-Christian values. Having served as lead pastor for Oakland Hills Community Church for 35 years, he was involved in the development of three additional churches before retiring to run for governor.


Ralph presently serves on the Board of Governors for the Council for National Policy, Washington D.C., and as chaplain for the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, Southeastern Michigan Chiefs of Police, Farmington Hills Police Department, and Beverly Hills Police Department. He is actively involved in speaking engagements all around the state of Michigan in churches, at community events, and on law enforcement platforms.

After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Education from Summit University in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, Ralph earned a Master's Degree in Religious Education and M. Div. at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia where he graduated magna cum laude and acquired credits in the Ph.D. program. Ralph is passionate about serving his Savior, about America and her true history, about his beautiful state of Michigan, and and adores his high school sweetheart Carol, who he has been married to for 47 years, their four grown children and spouses, and will talk to you for hours about his 17 grandchildren.

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